The Embassy of Russia is the oldest and largest foreign diplomatic mission in the modern history of Mongolia. The diplomatic relations between the Soviet Russia and the People’s Mongolia were established on November 5th, 1921. Thus, Russia became the first country to acknowledge independence of Mongolia. Mongolia became a loyal friend and ally to Russia for decades.

In 1922 Moscow and Urgoo (former name of Ulan-Bator) exchanged embassies. In the beginning the Russian mission was situated in the eastern part of the Mongolian capital not far from place where the Russian Imperial consulate and the Russian Orthodox Church mission used to be.


The buildings of the Russian Imperiale Conculate (early XX century)


The building of the USSR Embassy in the People’s Republic of Mongolia before 1971

This part of nowadays Ulan-Bator is known as 15th micro-district. People often call it “Soviet” or “Russian” because of the number of Soviet facilities having been situated there for years, such as the Embassy, Trade Mission, Embassy’s school, Soviet hospital etc., with thousands of specialists and technicians from the USSR living there. Currently one can find there the parish of the Russian Orthodox Church, the School of the Embassy, the branch of the Russian Plekhanov Economic University in Ulan-Bator and also Memorial and Museum of Marshal G.Zhukov.

Since 1971 the Embassy of the USSR – Russia has been situated in the city center close to Sukhbaatar square and the Government Palace. The Embassy’s compound consists of the office building, apartments, sport and cultural facilities.

The office building of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Mongolia

The Russian Embassy is located as far as 15 km from the Chinghis khaan International Airport and 500 m from the Ulan-Bator central square at Enkhtaivany Ave., 6.

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A-6, P.O.Box 661 Enkh Tayvan avenue, Ulan-Bator, Mongolia


(+97611) 327191, (+97611) 312851


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There are also Consulates General of Russia in Erdenet and Darkhan.